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Link Building HQ is an Exclusive Invite-Only Slack Community For Collaborative Link Building

collaborative link building

Exchange Backlinks

From sites like Forbes, HubSpot, Entrepreneur, Crazy Egg, and more

exchange guest posts

Exchange Guest Posts

From sites like Envato, G2, Benchmark Email, ClickUp, Hive, and more

share expert insights

Share Expert Insights

Get published on authority publications and build your brand's authority online


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Why should you join Link Building HQ?

collaborative link building

Partner With World-Class Brands

Step-up your content and link collaborations to the next level. Partner with top-notch SaaS brands from around the world.

exclusive backlink opportunities

Get Exclusive Backlink Opportunities

Do you dream about getting a backlink from Ahrefs? Forbes, Entrepreneur, HubSpot - you name it, we have it.

cost effective link building

Cost-Effective Way Of Building Links

You don't need fancy budgets for building links via collaboration. Just build relationships, links will come.

scale link building

Build Links At Scale From Authority Domains

Partner with authority sites to land more links from reputed publications in lesser time. Scalability guaranteed.

link building jobs and freelance projects

Remote Link Building Jobs & Freelance Projects

Land your dream job. Many companies are looking for outreach specialists, content writers, and SEO consultants.

sponsorships and promotions

Promote Your SEO And Link Building Tools

Interested in promoting your tools to a targeted audience of SEOs, link builders, and content marketers? Contact us.

Link Building HQ is best suited for

content marketers

Content Marketers

Engage in content collaborations including guest post exchanges.


SEO Executives

Find solutions to your SEO problems. Chat and network with experts.

link builders

Link Builders

Exchange backlinks via link insertions and from guest posts.

Guest Authors

Guest Authors

Find guest posting opportunities. Engage in link partnerships.

saas founders

SaaS Founders

Learn link building strategies from other SaaS brands. Hire the best.



Get expert insights and quotes from community members for your articles.

Get to know the community

600+ members, 400000+ messages sent, 50000+ backlinks exchanged, 5000+ guest posts exchanged

verified members

Verified Members

Each member is carefully reviewed before they are accepted into the community. Real people from World-Class Brands.

well moderated

Well Moderated

Unlike other backlink exchange communities, Link Building HQ is well moderated and free from spam.

highly curated

Highly Curated

Link Building HQ is an exclusive invite-only community of content marketers, SEOs, SaaS Founders, and authors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does building backlinks still matter in 2022?

Absolutely. Check out these link building statistics.

What is Link Building HQ?

It is a slack community for collaborative link building. Various SEOs, content marketers, link builders, and guest bloggers from reputed companies like ClickUp, SendPulse, Envato, Cloudways, Semrush, etc are part of the community. Link Building HQ is an invite-only community supporting collaboration between various companies.

What is Collaborative Link Building?

Building backlinks for your brand by collaborating with other brands is termed collaborative link building. Here, a collaboration may refer to a backlink exchange (reciprocal link exchange/3 way link exchange) or a guest post exchange. Some of the world's biggest brands are building links to each other to help build each other's authority online.

How common are reciprocal links on the web?

Ahrefs studied the data of 140K+ websites getting 10K+ monthly organic traffic and checked for overlap between the sites they link to and the sites that link to them. The results were interesting - 73% of the sites had reciprocal links. Reciprocal links are a byproduct of the web. Don't be afraid to ask for links from sites you are already linking to.

How to find websites for backlink exchange?

On joining the Link Building HQ Slack community, you will see posts of members in the "link-exchange-swaps" channel mentioning their sites available for link exchange. Feel free to send them a personal message to kickstart your link exchange collaboration with them.

How to build backlinks from guest posts?

On joining the Link Building HQ Slack community, you will see posts of members in the "guest-posts" channel mentioning their upcoming guest posts. Send them a message to get your link placed in their upcoming guest posts.

How to feature your quotes & insights on authority publications?

Many a time, members of the community invite other members to share their quotes and expert insights for their upcoming articles on authority domains. You may find such opportunities in the "guest-posts" channel of the community.

What type of websites can you expect to collaborate with?

While the community mainly comprises members working at SaaS companies, you can still find members working at Finance, Health, and Media companies. The guest posts by the members are in much wider domains than the above-mentioned ones.

Loved by  Link.Builders Guest.Bloggers SEOs Marketers Community.Builders

So far, this is the best and most helpful Slack community we ever joined. We've built a few dozen of backlinks through it already. What really makes it special is the fact that every member is hand-picked by the admin. In other words, every member has shown their accountability prior to joining the group, which makes it HQ in every sense.

I have found this to be a welcoming, insightful community full of great people. The team have fostered a welcoming group of folks who provide incredible value freely to others. Thanks for letting me be a part of this group!

This community is great for link building because of its exclusivity. The admins hand-select people they’ve worked with in the past and only let people in with good reputations. With link building, there will always be spammy connections but this group has made strides to reduce that as much as possible.

If you're looking for a legit, active, and helpful link-building community, join this one. You won't find anything better. Not only do we discuss links, but also take initiative together and keep track of other updates as well. Highly recommended!

Link Building HQ is one of the top communities for people who are interested in meeting other marketers. You can have new guest posts and backlink opportunities, job offers, or just a group of people to give you feedback on your projects. Thanks for creating such a family.

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